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TL Catering Menu


Please choose up to Three choices to be offered to your guests. All entrees include: water, our famous hot
rolls, fresh sauteed vegetables, freshly cut green salad, and a baked potato/or dutch oven potatoes. Add drinks for $2.99, Appetizers for $.99, or a Dessert for $4.99.

We suggest that you order one beef, one poultry, and one fish option in your order as to accommodate everyone's tastes.

Prices listed below are for events held in our dining area.

Turkey Steak$16.99

Chopped, breaded turkey. Slowly simmered in butter with white gravy or our house mustard.

Grilled or Teriyaki Chicken Breast$15.99

Our Chicken Breast is grilled to perfection. The Teriyaki Chicken is marinated for 24 hours giving this dish a rich savory flavor all the way through.

12 oz. Teriyaki Sirloin Steak$19.29

Marinated 24 hours for a rich flavor that is sure to reach out and grab you.

12 oz New York Strip Steak$22.95

This will be your favorite, if you consider yourself an "Urban Cowboy".

20 oz. Boneless T-bone$29.95

Who besides a dog would chew on a bone in a restaurant? We took the bone out for you. It's sure to git 'er done!

Prime Rib

Oven roasted in our unique blend of herbs & spices. Tender enough you can cut it with a fork. Your choice of Regular, or Mac's favorite, Lightly Smoked.
10 oz. - $18.95, 12 oz. - $21.95, 16 oz. - $25.95

12 oz. Rib Eye Steak$20.69

Top of the line 10 oz steak. Seasoned with our own special blend of spices.

Halibut Steak$18.95

Moist tender fresh halibut steak cooked and flavored to perfection.

Salmon (Market Price)$17.95

Succulent Salmon lightly seasoned with Italian seasoning.

Smoked Pork Ribs

Slowly roasted until they're fall off the bone tender.
Half Portion $14.99 / Full Portion $22.79


All lunch & dinner buffet entrees include: water, our famous hot rolls, fresh sauteed vegetables, freshly cut green salad, and a baked potato or dutch oven potatoes.

Standard Meals

~ Roast Beef $11.25
~ Pork, Ham, or Turkey. (Your choice of 2) - $10.89
~ Turkey Tenders, Mandarin Chicken - $12.49
~ Turkey Steak, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Teriyaki Chicken, Lemon Chicken - $13.19

Premium Meals

~Prime Rib $22.29
~Halibut, or Salmon. (Your Choice of 2) $17.49

Side Enhancements

Grilled Mushrooms - $2.19 per plate
Grilled Onions - $1.39 per plate

Hors D'Oeuvres

Relish Tray (Seasonably Priced)$41.00

Fresh vegetables with ranch dressing.

Homemade Cheese Ball and Crackers$45.00

A uniquely flavored cheese creation.

Fresh Fruit Tray (Seasonably Priced)$45.00

Assorted Fresh Fruits and Berries.

Chilled Shrimp (Market Price)

(price is per Shrimp)

Homemade Desserts

Brownies (Per Sheet - 96 2" Squares)$45.00

Cakes - Any Flavor (96 2" Squares)$45.00

Lemon Squares (96 2" Squares)$45.00

Filled Cakes (96 2" Squares)$50.00

Caramel Brownies (96 2" Squares)$50.00

Cookies (96 2" Squares)$50.00

Cherry Bars (96 2" Squares)$50.00

Coconut Bars (96 2" Squares)$50.00

Snowballs (Individually Priced)$1.50

Petit Fours (Individually Priced)$1.50

Date Balls (Individually Priced)$1.50

Wedding & Reception Catering


Lean full muscle meat on homemade bread

Cream Puff w/ Chicken Salad$1.40

Ribbon Sandwich$1.40

With Chicken, Ham or Beef Salad

Dollar Sandwich$1.40

With thin sliced Ham, Turkey or Roast Beef topped with a pickle and olive.

Cream Puff w/ Crab$1.50


Roast Beef$1.55

Roast Pork$1.50

Glazed Ham$1.50

Meat Balls$2.39

Turkey Tenders$2.25

Mandarin Chicken$2.25

Turkey Steaks$2.50

Chicken Cordon Bleu$2.50


Punch and Slush (per gallon)$14.00

Can be any flavor. Here are some favorites: Fruit Punch / Orange Pineapple / Lemonade-Banana / Raspberry-Lemonade

30 servings per gal / 3 oz. serving

Frappe (per gallon)$16.00

Can be any flavor. Here are some favorites: Fruit Punch / Orange Pineapple / Pineapple / Raspberry

30 servings per gal / 3 oz. serving


Sheets cut into 96/2" squares


(By the Sheet)

Cakes / any flavor$45.00

(By the Sheet)

Lemon Squares$45.00

(By the Sheet)

Filled Cakes$50.00

(By the Sheet)

Caramel Brownies$50.00

(By the Sheet)


(By the Sheet)

Cherry Bars$50.00

(By the Sheet)

Coconut Bars$50.00

(By the Sheet)





Date Balls$1.50


*There is a delivery charge of $35.00 locally, $50.00 Logan and Brigham. *Should you want us to provide the paper products, there is an additional charge of $1.25 per serving. *Should you want us to care for the buffet, or serve the dinner off site, there is an additional charge of $50 an hour, a minimum of 3 hours, for 3 people. If there is a need for more than three, the charge will be adjusted accordingly. *There is an automatic 18% added to the all meals served at our restaurant. We always welcome an additional amount when our servers are exceptional.